Agustina in solo develops all his musical brilliance. A force developed in his busking work, which demonstrates flood of shades and a search of textures that give to his concerts an unforgettable trip. Very attentive to the public’s mood, every session is a unique act of creative expression. Based on his compositions, an unexpected universe paves the way between her rhythms giving places to unexpected combinations. Always with her shakers, the technology take place with one loops station to create different atmosphere, also with some others small instruments.

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C A P I C U A, catalan word that defines the numbers that are read equally in both senses (51015, 232 ...), applied to the words it is called a palindrome. (Ana, larutanatural ...) In Argentina bus's tickets with these numbers are considered to be amulets.

This word expresses the spirit in which Agustina & Yannick enter when they begin to create. All their ideas pass through this filter. A go & back playful where the opposite poles found balance and support. CAPICOUA mixes musical elements that comes from cultures & times differents. The jazz of the saxophone as present as the original sound of the didgeridoo.

CAPICOUA plays with the sonorous energies and the organic paces of his blown instruments. His improvisations take form to become compositions. The saxo sings a melody in the drone of the didgeridoo, then the papers are invested, the saxo becomes breath and the didgeridoo sings.

The first realise called 'VORAGINE', (2015), are the result of a hard time working and creating all this compositions, since we meet..

'VORAGINE', Maelstrom in spanish, répresent the loop's sound in wich we get it while composing. An spiral that start everytime we get into the sound of our instruments.. An alive and exciting experience !

With a great sound quality, a trip to take home and enjoy...





OXIDO ESTELAR is a duo formed in 2008 in Paris with the Chilean bassist and guitarist PABLO FANTE. Throughout the first year of work, they recorded PURE STYLE, realized only as a digital album  and that regroups the experiences between the didgeridoo and electric bassguitar.In 2009, Pablo returns to Chile, distancing the activities of the duo. In spite of this, their desire stays intact between both of them. And will be in 2011, in Santiago of Chile, where the group restarts his compositions. This time, Pablo plays the guitar. In 2012 they were completing the initiated work, inviting to the occasion four different percusionistas: Andrea Valdivia, Miquel Moya, Alex Waghorn, Christopher Massis. So called WALKMAN. Écléctica and joyfull, their music does not make us indifferent.

And it will keep sounding always!


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