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Today's music, ancient instrument... DIDGERIDOO

Professional didgeridoo player, Agustina is one of the most outstanding femal exponents of this instrument, with a personal style that she has developed fundamentally in her work as "busker".

Always improving the musical and poetical bounderies of the instrument.




New Album !!!!

AbreFronteras is the new duet of Agustina with Pipo Marcos on drumkit... Amazing mix of universe, invite you strit away to dance !!!

Link to listen on the image !!

Don't miss it !!!

Le P'tit Chapiteau

Le P'tit Chapiteau is a building projet in progress in the center of Argentina. Created with the spirit of sharing music and activities around didgeridoo, and also open to other aereas.

Know more about it!

Click the BUILDING PROJECT button!

First track of the new work (still in progress) "MONTE"...

With all the inspiration of the nature...


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