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The new project with Pipo Marcos in drumkits, give birth their first album AMPM, music for listen all day long !


The very last songs inspired and recorded in Paris.

The last  traces of a very important step on his musical path.

Always a new door for keep on going !!!!


Last Songs in Paris.jpg

This is the first and only realise called 'VORAGINE', (2015), are the result of a hard time working and creating all this compositions, with the french saxophone player Yannick Benoit..

'VORAGINE', Maelstrom in spanish, répresent the loop's sound in wich we get it while composing. An spiral that start everytime we get into the sound of our instruments.. An alive and exciting experience !

With a great sound quality, a trip to take home and enjoy...


This new realease with new sounds and musicals combinations that takes us to a different trip.  Artwork by Agustina Mosca.

Made in collaboration with some other greats musiciens, inspired in the big ocean, she want to explore the acuatic sound of didgeridoo and the new compositions brings an ocean air.

Guest artists: Vincent Linden, Lorenzo Nessi, Alicia Canguero, Cassio Nobre and Guimbal.

Made in Paris, Juin 2013.

OXIDO ESTELAR, duet with Pablo Fante, has given origin to two recordings.

WALKMAN, Music To move back, their second work, is a trip to the past, with sounds retros and, especially, with the need to listen it again and again !

Recorded in Santiago of Chile in February, 2012 in Studios Banana, by Pablo Fante.

Artwork by Agustina Mosca.

Recorded in Argentina in 2009, this first SOLO work of Agustina, want to show her busk work along the 7 years she was exploring and growing there. So, even trying to keep them as pure as she played it at the street, they have an special magic that makes hear it over and over!!!

She counted here with the colaboration of ANDRES SAGGIO and EMMANUEL BRUN.

A very special album, from the meeting of CHINOY's singed poetry (chilien singer) and Agustina's breathed poetry.

Sound to colected ! Recorded in Paris, France, in 2010.

First record of OXIDO ESTELAR, fretless bass guitar - didgeridoo. A dared and powerfull combination !

Recorded in Paris, 2008.

Fretless bass guitar: PABLO FANTE

Recorded by PABLO RIVAS

This album, full of magic and colors, URBAN WOOD, is the work made with Santiago Torres, colombian musicien, who brings from his hometown all the richness of his folklore in his "gaita" and his drums, to join Agustina's vibrations. In this work, is also the flamenc voice of Carmen Doraa. Recorded in Paris in 2007.

The first work of Agustina, PULSO, was recorded in Barcelone, in 2004, in colaboration with the musicians she was playing with at that time, whom show her and help her in the development of her own sound and style: Artur Lanz, Victor Carol Lalauze, Victor Garcia, Simon Owen, Bernardo de Barros Gonçalves, Jota, Sebastian Tesouro, Batio Hangony y Ewaa Koczorowska.

You can buy the download in this link bellow:

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