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About me...

AGUSTINA MOSCA was born in 1974 in Argentina.

Dedicated to Fins Arts for several years, music appear definitely in her life once she travelled to Barcelona, Spain, in 2001, where she met with a few spanish and australian didgeplayers.

Agustina was very attracted and inspired by the didge and it was then when she began to play.

Considered the innovation of the instrument in Europe and the lack of academic school, she, as self told, has developed an own style that represents her. She learned very easily and fast, expressing her hidden well of musicality. Passionate about busking, she soon started to do it, getting in touch with a lot of different musicians, finding a beautiful avenue to express her feelings and talent.

With a deep rhythm and a clear technique, she creates sonorous novel spaces that lead the listener to crossing and recreating all those places where the vibration has inspired.

Her sound is a fan of senses of particular well and diverse unit that it completes with percussion accessories played by herself (caxixi, shaker, claps ticks).

Her research is centred on the development of the "musicality" of the didgeridoo and not only his technical utilization, what took her to fusing her music with flamenco, Brazilian jazz, traditional Colombian music, electronic, experimental and classic music.

 In 2004 Agustina recorded her first album, PULSO, together with the musician with whom she had been playing in Barcelona.

 In 2006 she moved to Paris, where she started a new project INU MAKU with traditional Colombian music, giving birth to her second album, “Madera Urbana” (“Urban Wood”).

In 2008, she shape a duet with a bass player from Chilli, Pablo Fante, called ÓXIDO ESTELAR, with whom she keep working, and that gave birth to two albums, “PURO ESTILO”, recorded in Paris in 2008, and “WALKMAN”, made in Chilli in 2012.

In 2009 she recorded in Argentina, a solo album “Otro Ruido de Tierra”, dedicated to her work as “busker”, place that deserve for her a deep respect and where she learnt and developed the most part of her musical compositions.

On the last years she explore with an overtone flute and a loop station, that help her to compose her last work finished in June 2013, called “AGUALMARINA”, in company of great musicians that help her to put in value her musical sense.

Agustina’s style and composition is a collage of the vast experiences that she has had through the places she has travelled and the people she has met in her life.

Agustina has performed in Spain, France, Morocco, Argentina, Chilli, Brazil, Uruguay, Denmark, Holland, Australia, England, Scotland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Check Republic, Switzerland and Russia.


And keep on rolling!


In order to respect the Australian's Aboriginal tradition and culture, Agustina's set does not use any of their rhythms. She is the author and composer of all what she interprets.

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