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Workshop Didgeridoo by Agustina Mosca. 2019.

Improving myself in the musical compositions, (in what I really want to hear!), I’m searching all the time new ideas to get inspiration and keep feeling fun and happy about my results.
Not always easy, I realised that going back to the essential things again gave me new ways to keep on going.

So for this new edition I propose two different workshops to go further in the way to rid of all things that don’t let yourself go further in your musical wishes. Get away all patterns, to get “your own” patterns.

PLAY, just like a game!

I will do my best to give you all what you really need to achieve your musical intentions. So please, ask me what you want to learn! And more important, ask yourself what you really want to learn!!!

Australien Woechende 2-4 August 2019,
Eisenbach, Germany

Back to Argentine!

A new project of ecological construction brings Agustina back to her country. A project that has as final purpose the opening of his music towards the whole South America.

Back to Europe, summer 2018!

Expected by the beginning of June, 2018, a musical season throughout in Europe.

Concert, workshops and busking...

If you feel like organise something for her music,

do not hesitate to get in touch with her !


CAPICOUA (Yannick Benoit + Agustina Mosca) & DIPLODOCUS (Yannick Benoit, Hugo Corbin et Srdjan Ivanovic) they get together in CAPIDOCLOUS.
An unexpected, improvised, magic and shaked concert... Spontaneous creations inspired by the desires of sharing sounds of the fours musicians... The Doors to another Univers.

Recorded in the Petit Balcon, November 2017. Paris, France.

More concerts are scheduled for summer 2018

Keep informed!

Pompidou, the office!

After having played for 12 years on Georges Pompidou Square's Center, her new destination oblige to stop the busking. However, a sound and video record has been made for keep a souvenir from this unic space that Agustina knew how to made full use of, transforming it in  her personal expression place.

Soon online, the result of this work!


For a short time, this time, three weeks in Chile for some concerts, workshops and sharing!! Don't doubt in conctact me if you're close there!

2017 !!! Rebuilding year ...

II initiate with many desire of change !!! That's why this site is renewed also, for a better use for all of us !!
And a new SOLO PROJECT, that slowly grows...

In L'Ancienne Poste de Planches, in Montreux, Switserland, the past 21st January, a new piece.

'Deux inconnue' (Two Strangers), it get ready to be recorded !

In Porchères, France,  October 2016, testing the créations of Nicolas Aussel for HORIZONDE DIDGE.

Doubles concerts with Ondrej Smeykal  Nov'16-Jan'17

It's been some years now we share scene with Ondrej Smeykal.

Each time magic, a good complement that let us show two diferents aspects of same instrument.

This time, we're going to Lyon in November, and to Switserland in January.

Also workshops are scheduled, where groupes will be divise and switch on in a time for better give all what we want to share !

Project DidgeGoSouth 2016 !

Like each time i go back to south, a plan of concerts, workshops and other projects let me share my music around. I will be in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Salta and the neiber countries Chile and Uruguay.

So all those who want to help us to found concerts, workshop, school's presentations... we're open to that!! So contact me and together we'll make it true!



In an incredible trip of voluptuousness and simplicity, VORÄGÌNE expresses the result of more of a year of intense work. 7 compositions and an improvisation recorded at the first take, reflect the sonorous "voràgine" that which whirlwind takes us far from our control. Discover it, let yourself go into the vibration!


Assembled after just some months, Agustina & Yannick manage to create a meeting full of spontaneity. Playing with sounds and improvised rythms, which develop suddenly compsiciones. A music that mixes the ethnic and the jazz, the roots and the harmony, the air and the breath...

CAPIC[O]UA, a Catalan word that defines the numbers that can read equally to the right that upside-down (51015, 232...), and that applied to the words denomima palindrome (Madam, I'm Adam ...), it expresses the game in which Agustina and Yannick dive into when they start playing. An go-and-back of rhythmic, melodies, ideas that cross also the public, creating a reciprocate dynamism of colors and shades.

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From November 14 until December 7, a series of concerts and workshops will be given concerning the presentation of his new album AGUALMARINA. In this new trip to the Mother Land, she will be sharing dates and workshops with Lies Beijerinck (Holland), recognized didgeplayer and Aura Rascon (Mexico), bansuri's player, with their duo SANSZUS.



(Paris 2013)

This new album brings the sea on it!


Inspired in the continus movement of the sea, Agustina had created a completly different sound, making even wider her own way to play.






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