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In the course of my musical way, many differents groups made of my music an plural event where the playful aspect has been a fundamental part of the meeting, and where I could develloped and learnt the necesary for better go this musical way. This gatherins joined my recordings solo but also give birth to new albums. They were MADERA URBANA (BOIS URBAIN - URBAN WOOD), with the duet INU MAKU, fusion with traditional colombian music, with Santiago Torres (gaita -colombian flute-, percussions & voice), with the voice of Carmen Doraa. Was recorded in 2007 in Paris.

PURO ESTILO (PURE STYLE) & WALKMAN, with the duet OXIDO ESTELAR, with PABLO FANTE, than actually is still sounding in both side of the Andes's Mountains, Chile and Argentina, and time to time in Paris. Recorded P.E. in Paris in 2008 and W. in Stgo de Chile in 2012.

And SESIONES MAñANERAS (EARLY-RISING SESSION), accompanying the chilien singer CHINOY in his composition, in a downloaded support unforgetable! Recorded in Paris in October 2010. And recently add, AGUALMARINA, 2013 and from my new duet with sax player Yannick Benoit, VORAGINE, 2015.


ENJOY this selection of my favorites ones !

Geneticks (PULSO, 2004)

Pulso 7 (PULSO, 2004)

Por Isla de Flores (O. R. de T., 2009)

Canto al Viento (O. R. de T., 2009)

Vuelo (Envol, Inu Maku, 2007)

Toquepotoque (Inu Maku, 2007)

Llegaste de Flor (Chinoy, Sesiones mañaneras, 2010)

Flor y ceniza (Oxido Estelar, 2008)

Alma de Tierra (Oxido Estelar, 2008)

Agualmarina (AGUALMARINA, 2013)

Cercana Distancia (AGUALMARINA,'13)

Congo Nr 9 (Oxido Estelar 2012)

Boquita de Merquén (O. E. 2012)

Voragine (CAPICOUA, 2015)

Cascade (CAPICOUA, 2015)


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